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Get to Know Rogues Quarter

Rogues Quarter is a Board Game Cafe situated in Kentish Town, north London. We host Magic The Gathering events as well as huge 6x4' gaming tables for all your Wargaming needs. With 
our extensive menu of food, drink and board games including kickstarter exclusives, you definitely wont get bored. There is also a Print service available for all your RPG Needs.

Happy Gaming!


Our Coffee

Origin, UK based Roasters.

The roast profile for Stronghold creates a darker, more traditional roast than Origins' other blends. This coffee is clean and sweet with flavours of dark sugar and chocolate. Stronghold is built to please those that want a simple, easy and intense cup. A coffee that is sweet but with no acidity. We hope you enjoy it.



Our dedication to a greener future. We try our hardest to source our consumable products from sustainable brands. From our coffee cups and lids to our staws and napkins.

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155-157 Queens Crescent, London NW5 4EA, England, UK